Seasons in Africa

Africa is a year round destination. However, generally there are three seasons:
Dry Season, Wet Season and Emerald Season

Dry Season

Dry season in both Eastern and Southern Africa is from July through October, with temperatures moderate to high. This is considered to be the best time to go on safari…
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Wet Season

Wet Season in Eastern Africa is during April/May and November. It rains in the afternoons and generally, there is only a fast and passing shower which does not hinder game viewing…
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Emerald Season/Green Season

It is the period between November and March, when after the rainfalls the bush changes in many ways. In Southern Africa it is referred to as The Emerald Season and in Eastern Africa it is referred to as the Green Season. It is considered to be the most spectacular time to travel especially for keen photographers and for birders. It is the time when babies are born and heralds the start of the Great Wildebeest Migration from Tanzania to Kenya.
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