Seasons in Africa

Africa is a year round destination. However, generally there are three seasons: Dry Season, Wet Season and Emerald Season.

Dry Season

Dry season in both Eastern and Southern Africa is from July through October, with temperatures moderate to high . This is considered to be the best time to go on safari, when wildlife is easier to spot as they congregate around seasonal water holes, so game viewing is great.

Wet Season

Wet Season in Eastern Africa is during April/May and November. It rains in the afternoons and generally, there is only a fast and passing shower which does not hinder game viewing.

South Africa has different seasonal patterns.  The rains occur mainly from November through March in the northern parts (Kruger National Park). The temperatures can be high. In southern parts it rains a bit every day from March to June (around Cape Town, Garden Route). However, from mid-December to late January is a busy time in South Africa when locals take their annual holidays, as this is their summer, and space may be difficult to secure.

Emerald Season

Emerald season mostly applies to Southern Africa: Botswana, Zambia and Victoria Falls. It is the period between November and May, when after the rainfalls the bush changes in many ways. It is considered to be the most spectacular time to travel to this region for many reasons:

  • The bush is a vivid and vibrant emerald green.
  • Excellent for photography with crystal clear air.
  • The migrant birds arrive and breed, the young emerging in March. Births and nursery herds of young impala. The peak time for elephants, zebra.
  • Sunsets could not be more spectacular.
  • Victoria Falls really THUNDERS!
  • Excellent value with lower rates.
  • Fewer people around.