Ugandan Gorillas

You won't find me in any zoo...

You can experience many wondrous and exciting sights in the comfort of a Safari van, but only the very adventurous and strong of heart get to meet me. I live with my family in a very beautiful and remote part of the rain forest, high on a mountain. It is a difficult 2 to 3 hour trek just to find us.

No more than 8 people (plus 2 guides) can visit us each day; reservations are taken two years in advance and from what I understand, the price of each permit is as steep as the mountain.

But if you have what it takes, you will have the experience of a lifetime! We will meet as equals as I welcome you as the best of your species. Together, we will sit in peace, and share the beauty and tranquility of this pristine corner of our glorious planet.

I look forward to meeting you...

Points of Interest